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Weder wins ladies' invite

Greenville native beats Stewart in a playoff

May 1,2004
Mandy Schulz
Sun Journal

Coming into the final day of the 37th annual ladies invitational golf tournament at New Bern Golf and Country Club, Maggie Weder held a three-shot lead over Angela Stewart. As it turned out, 18 holes of golf on Friday wasn't enough to settle it and the two went to a playoff.

Weder made par-4 to win the tournament while Stewart carded a 2-over 6.

Weder and Stewart are both members at Ironwood Country Club in Greenville and they are also roommates. "We play in tournaments all the time but we usually don't get to play together." Weder said.

When the two first met three years ago, Stewart was a 12-handicap golfer and Weder was an eight. "She watched me in my short game and then she got as good as I was," Weder said. "I didn't have anyone at my home course to play with me competitively. There was nobody that was going to make me better," Stewart said. "If you're going to get better you've got to play against people who play well and she has helped my game a lot."

Both golfers currently have a 4-handicap.

Stewart shot 73 in the final 18 holes, including five birdies and a par on 17 and 18 to send the match to a playoff. "I think that's the first time I've ever had five birdies," Stewart exclaimed.

After a short break, the two stepped to the first tee box to determine a winner.

Both of their tee shots landed on the right side of the fairway but after the opening shot Weder pulled away. Her second shot landed just short of the green and her third shot put her in good position to make par.

Things did not go as easily for Stewart when her second shot skied high and landed in the sand trap. Her third shot then went past the green, making it nearly impossible to make par and tie Weder. Her fourth shot went past the hole back towards the bottom of the green and Weder tapped in for par to win the tourney.

Weder, who spent 22 years in the Marine Corps, did not pick up golf until 1997. Weder has Multiple Sclerosis and her neurologist told her that it would be better for her to play. According to Weder, she shot a 92 the first time she ever played 18 holes. And she's never stopped playing.

Stewart admitted to being nervous when it came down to the playoff, "It was my first playoff," Stewart said. "But I wanted Maggie to win and it was a great honor to be in a tie for first." According to Stewart it was the first time that she was ever in the last group on the last hole, "I was just ecstatic to be there," Stewart said.

Heading into Friday's round, Weder was physically exhausted but Stewart knew just what to say to get her motivated, "She (Stewart) said 'I'll play pretty and you just try and keep up,'" Weder said. "That got me going."

Co-Chairman Kathy Murphy was revved up after the playoff hole, "The weather, the camaraderie, the course I couldn't ask for a better tournament."

Flight-by-flight results:

Championship flight

First Gross-Maggie Weder- 154
Second Gross-Angela Stewart-156
Third Gross-Clate Aydlett-158
First Net-Shari Hodson-134
Second Net-Jane Manning-140
Third Net-Pat Fagala-143

First Flight

First Gross-Jeanne Fleming-163
Second Gross-Cookie Horton-165
Third Gross-Gloria Hartman-168
First Net-Barbara Unwin-142
Second Net-Kate Anderson-143
Third Net-Martha Weaver-146

Second Flight

First Gross-Megan Carmichael-173
Second Gross-Nettie McKenny-175
Third Gross-Irma Marsh-177
First Net-Camille Hochreiter-141
Second Net-Dot Orders-145
Third Net-Edythe Van Antwerp-145

Third Flight

First Gross-Maggie Collins-174
Second Gross-Jan Howard-183
Third Gross-Sue Pascarella-185
First Net-Dot Meyer-149
Second Net-Kathy Bartlett-149
Third Net-Hester Stallings-150

Fourth Flight

First Gross-Marie Doran-188
Second Gross-Barbara Fields-189
Third Gross-Helen Holdridge-189
First Net-Elie West-147
Second Net-Judie Jeffreys-148
Third Net-Laura Anaa Brann-148

Fifth Flight

First Gross-Barbara Harwood-186
Second Gross-Pam McConnaughey-187
Third Gross-Caroline Dunham-188
First Net-Kathy Amato-139
Second Net-Gretta Anderson-145
Third Net-Ann Kopec-146

Sixth Flight

First Gross-Vicki Rice
Second Gross-Jo Nelms
Third Gross-Stephanie Smith
First Net-Edna Anderson
Second Net-Ola Horne
Third Net-Ann Overholt

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