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Racing for a cure

April 30, 2004

You may have seen a few cars racing around town on Friday as 100 cars are in South Bend to begin a race across the country raising money for charity.

The event is called One Lap of America and the cars will travel more than 5000 miles in nine-days as they stop at various racetracks and drag strips, putting their tires to the test.

Race starts at the Tire Rack

The event started Friday afternoon at the Tire Rack where drivers tested the track, trying to see how fast they could go around curves that are slick and really put their tires to the test.

The goal is see who can make it the fastest and farthest on those tires on the nine-day race across the country.

While many of these drivers feel the need for speed, they are doing it with a big heart.

Racing for a cure

NewsCenter 16 met one passionate driver, Fay Teal. She’s a woman who was on the fast track to competitive motor sports when multiple sclerosis tried slowing her down.

“The disability set in and I don’t drive now,” remarks Teal. Although she may not be driving on the road, she’s still driving on the racetracks as part of One Lap of America.

“Some days it's meaningful. I'm here increasing MS awareness and searching for a cure and other days it’s annoying to think I still haven't won anything you know,” comments Teal.

Teal will navigate her team across the country on the 24-hour, nine-day, 5000-mile journey that starts and ends in South Bend.

Teal has a lot of fun at the event as she notes that this is her 18th time taking part in the race. Plus, Teal is very competitive.

“I tell them to put the metal-to-the-pedal and keep it on the black stuff,” says Teal. She explains, “They look for the edge. They search for the edge and the fastest way around the track is right on the edge.”

While Teal searches for the winning edge she also raises money for those searching for a way to beat multiple sclerosis. In fact, she has raised more than $120,000 for multiple sclerosis.

She comments, “I'll take a checkered flag, whether it’s a win for us in the event or a win for a MS cure.”

There are dozens of charities that are part of Lap America. The drivers will finish up on Friday at the Tire Rack and then drive to Kansas overnight. The cars will return to South Bend next week, at the end of the race.

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