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MS Patient Stops in Little Rock on Bicycle Tour

Sunday April 11, 2004
Leigh-Alyson Walters

Health experts say more than four-hundred thousand Americans are affected by multiple sclerosis.

It's a debilitating disease that often leads to loss of vision, and trouble walking, but 25-year old Eve Steiner isn't letting her diagnosis stop her from biking across the country.

Eve was diagnosed with MS when she was teenager, and while it was devastating news, she persevered, and is now taking control of the disease by biking more than 4,000 miles.

Eve Steiner was only 16 when she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

(Steiner) "My first symptom was numbness, up my legs, and it crept up my hips."

Living in Salt Lake City, Eve loved to mountain bike, but her physical condition caused her to stop her pastime, a reality many MS patients face.

(Steiner) "I didn't have the means to deal with it when I was 16, and I was prepared to give up everything."

But Eve didn't give up everything, because of family support so she began speaking to her doctors and receiving a daily drug injection to control her MS symptoms.

(Steiner)"With drug therapy and taking care of yourself, the sky is the limit, you can do anything."

A do anything attitude has driven Eve to bike three different epic adventures.

(Steiner) "Just because you have a diagnosis, doesn't mean it has to stop you."

Eve is stopping now in Little Rock. It's her sixth city. Eve started her bike trip in San Diego, and has passed thru Phoenix, Albuquerque, Amarillo, and Tulsa. She still has New Orleans and Jacksonville to hit.

But at each place, Eve stops to talk and bring hope to others suffering from MS.

(Steiner) "Honestly, it's hard to imagine taking that many miles on a bike."

Ingrid, who works close with the MS chapter in Little Rock, says there is a MS walk next weekend.

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