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Seizure as the manifestation of relapse of multiple sclerosis in a military pilot

Aviat Space Environ Med. 2004 Apr;75(4):367-9
Belletrutti PJ, Courchesne CE, Gray GW.
Defence Research and Development Canada, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

A case of a seizure in an active pilot with multiple sclerosis is presented.

A 40-yr-old Canadian Forces pilot experienced a secondary generalized tonic-clonic seizure while taxiing a CC-130 (Hercules) transport after landing.

His multiple sclerosis had been in remission since 1997 and he had been returned to restricted flying duties.

He was assessed and treated, with no further seizures or adverse sequelae.

An MRI showed a new demyelinating lesion in the anterior corpus callosum.

His seizure was the only clinical manifestation of his MS relapse.

The prevalence of seizures in MS patients, possible causal mechanisms, and the disposition of pilots with MS are discussed.