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Law student with MS says university didn't provide assistance

April 02, 2004
Disability Compliance Bulletin, Vol. 27, No. 8

Case name:

Letter to Texas Southern University, 27 NDLR 222 (OCRVI, Dallas (TX) 2003).


The Office for Civil Rights ruled that Texas Southern University - Thurgood Marshall School of Law did not discriminate against a student with multiple sclerosis by failing to provide assistance with gridding the scantron for her midterm exams because the student never asked for that accommodation.

What it means:

Colleges are not required to provide accommodations that have not been requested and are not supported by documentation.


A law student complained that she was discriminated against on the basis of her multiple sclerosis because the school did not provide assistance with gridding her scantron as she had requested. OCR's investigation revealed that although the student and her physician had requested extra time on tests and enlarged print, there was no request for assistance gridding the scantron. The school provided the accommodations she had requested. Thus, OCR ruled that the school did not discriminate against the student based on her disability.

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