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Boston Cure Project accelerates search for causes of MS

Apr 3, 2003
Pain and Central Nervous System Week

The Boston Cure Project for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) announced it is accelerating the search for genetic and environmental factors in multiple sclerosis by establishing a multidisciplinary blood, tissue, and data bank.

The blood and tissue bank will increase scientific collaboration through access to a multidisciplinary resource, free up time-consuming and expensive subject acquisition and sample collection, and make MS a more attractive research area for scientists and companies inventing new technologies.

As a first step in building the blood and tissue bank, the Boston Cure Project plans to launch a pilot project this spring to collect blood samples from Massachusetts residents with MS and their family members. To complete the pilot project and quickly expand the collection of samples, the Boston Cure Project is seeking financial support from people with a interest in curing MS.

Art Mellor, CEO and cofounder of the Boston Cure Project, said, "There are two requirements for solving the medical mystery of multiple sclerosis. First, we need to aggregate data across all possible causal areas because the disease is most likely influenced by both genetic and environmental factors. Second, scientists need to collect and analyze information on a large number of subjects because we may not be looking at a single disease."

Mellor concluded: "The blood and tissue bank addresses both requirements and provides the best strategy for finding the causes of MS leading to a cure." This article was prepared by Pain and Central Nervous System Week editors from staff and other reports.

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