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Epilepsia partialis continua as a first symptom of multiple sclerosis: electrophysiological study of one case

Mult Scler 2003 Mar;9(2):199-203
Striano P, Striano S, Carrieri PB, Boccella P.
Department of Neurological Sciences, Epilepsy Centre, Federico II University, Naples, Italy.


The prevalence of epilepsy in people with multiple sclerosis (MS) is higher than in the general population.

Sometimes seizures are among the first symptoms and can be unusual in their semiology.

In rare cases a long-lasting focal somatomotor status [i.e., epilepsia partialis continua (EPC)] has been reported.


A 21-year-old male patient presented with a clinical picture of EPC as a first symptom of MS at age of 19.

A neurophysiological study agreed with a cortical origin of myoclonic jerks.


MS should be considered a rare but possible aetiology of EPC in adults.