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Amylolytic activity of IgM and IgG antibodies from patients with multiple sclerosis

Immunol Lett 2003 May 1;86(3):291-7
Saveliev AN, Ivanen DR, Kulminskaya AA, Ershova NA, Kanyshkova TG, Buneva VN, Mogelnitskii AS, Doronin BM, Favorova OO, Nevinsky GA, Neustroev KN.
Biophysics Department, St. Petersburg Technical University, St. Petersburg, Russia

IgG and IgM antibodies from the sera of patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) were found to possess amylolytic activity hydrolyzing alpha-(1-->4)-glucosyl linkages of maltooligosaccharides, glycogen, and several artificial substrates.

Individual IgM fractions isolated from 54 analyzed patients with the clinically definite diagnoses of MS had approximately three orders of magnitude higher specific amylolytic activity than that for healthy donors, whereas IgG from only a few patients had high amylolytic activity.

Strict criteria were used to prove that the amylolytic activity of IgMs and IgGs is their intrinsic property and is not due to any enzyme contamination.

Fab fragments produced from IgM and IgG fractions of the MS patients displayed the same amylolytic activity.

IgMs from various patients demonstrated different modes of action in hydrolyzing maltooligosaccharides.