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Pot of gold

Apr 18 2003
By Helen Clarke
Health Reporter
CANNABIS could be prescribed on the NHS to relieve the pain of MS sufferers after trials carried out in Liverpool.

Doctors at Walton Neuro Centre found the drug, which is administered in spray form, does help relieve nerve pain.

Their research findings have been sent to the Medicines Control Agency to see if the medication should be licensed for use.

Multiple sclerosis sufferers across the country have claimed that cannabis helps them cope with the symptoms of their condition and many risk prosecution to use it.

Now they have expert support. Dr Carolyn Young, a consultant neurologist involved in the trials, said: "The results have been pretty cling.

"The people who were on the active treatment experienced a high loss of nerve pain on a number of scales, and better sleep."

More than 60 MS sufferers being treated at the Walton Neuro Centre were involved in the trial.

Home secretary David Blunkett has said he will change drugs laws to allow cannabis- based medicine to be prescribed, but only if it is scientifically proven to have therapeutic benefits.

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