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Self-care Program May Improve Daily Function in MS Patients

Mar   29, 2002
A professionally guided self-care program may help improve mobility and function in people with MS, new findings suggest.

Study participants included 73 MS patients who were assigned to the intervention group and 96 MS patients assigned to a control group.

Intervention consisted of discussions about self-care, based on patient priorities, using a self-care information booklet.

At the beginning of the trial, the scientists used various scales to measure the participants mobility and ability to function. The authors then conducted these same tests six months later and compared the two sets of data accordingly.

After six months, patients in the intervention group had higher scores on measures of mental health and vitality.

These individuals also reported less need for assistance with their daily activities.

Additionally, intervention patients maintained their independence levels after six months, while control patients showed a significant decrease in independence.

The study appears in the March issue of Clinical Rehabilitation.

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