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Climbers With Multiple Sclerosis Tackle the Highest Point in North America - Denali

April 2002

On May 16th the first non-guided team of mountain climbers with multiple sclerosis (MS) will begin their ascent of the highest point in North America - Denali. Located between Anchorage and Fairbanks, Denali's summit is 20,320 feet above sea level and has one of the steepest vertical rises in the world - even greater than Mount Everest.

The seven person team made up almost exclusively of people living with MS are part of Climb for the Cause. Their goal is to change the perception of what people living with MS can do and urge people with MS to get on drug therapy as soon as they are diagnosed.

Denali is notorious among climbers for dramatic weather changes that can make a day of climbing into a day of survival skills. Summer temperatures of 20 degrees to 40 degrees below zero are common. To train for these harsh conditions plus the burden of packs, the team has done practice climbs since last fall in Colorado's Rocky Mountains, in addition to regular cardiovascular and strength training workouts.

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Zane Robbins