More MS news articles for April 2002

Proton MR spectroscopic imaging in multiple sclerosis

Neuroradiology 2002 Jan;44(1):37-42
Tedeschi G, Bonavita S, McFarland HF, Richert N, Duyn JH, Frank JA.
Istituto di Scienze Neurologiche, Seconda Universita di Napoli, Italy.

We studied 24 patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) by proton magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging (1H-MRSI) to assess the neurochemical pathology of the white-matter lesions (WML) and normal-appearing white matter (NAWM).

Our 1H-MRSI technique allowed simultaneous measurement of N-acetylaspartate (NAA), choline-containing compounds (Cho), and creatine plus phosphocreatine (Cr) signal intensities from four 15-mm slices divided into 0.84 ml single-volume elements.

In WML we found significantly lower NAA/Cr and NAA/Cho ratios and a significantly higher Cho/Cr ratio than in NAWM or control white matter.

In NAWM, NAA/Cr and Cho/Cr were significantly lower than in control white matter.

1H-MRSI was compatible with damage to myelin in WML, and with axonal damage and/or dysfunction in WML and NAWM.

These findings extend data on involvement of NAWM in MS beyond the abnormalities visible on MRI.