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Paroxysmal dystonia with thalamic lesion in multiple sclerosis

Neurol Sci 2001 Oct;22(5):391-4
Zenzola A, De Mari M, De Blasi R, Carella A, Lamberti P.
Department of Neurological Science, Second Neurological Clinic, Policlinico, University of Bari, Italy.

Paroxysmal dystonia (PD) is a usually painful, unilateral dystonic posture, precipitated by voluntary movement, tactile stimulation, startling noise or hyperventilation.

We describe two cases of paroxysmal dystonia in multiple sclerosis, both with a critically localized lesion in the thalamus, contralateral to the paroxysmal symptoms.

Only one other case of paroxysmal dystonia with a demyelinated lesion of the thalamus has been reported previously.