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Possible immunocorrective effect of the embryonic nervous tissue

Fiziol Zh 2002;48(1):15-24
Acad. A.P.
Romodanov Institute of Neurosurgery, AMS of Ukraine, Kiev.

Possible immunocorrective effect of the embryonic nervous tissue (NT) and using the model of an experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (EAE) in treating patients with demyelinizing diseases is a prospective field of research.

EAE was induced by immunization of rats with the mixture of the spinal cord and BCV at paw pillows.

Immunocorrective effect of the allogenic NT was studied in the animals with EAE following the intraperitoneal injection of a newborn rat's NT, namely: enriched fractions of glial and neuronal cell populations.

Both intact and EAE animals, treated with culture medium, were used as controls.

The clinical signs appeared on 12-th day after EAE inducing.

The severe clinical course of EAE was accompanied with statistically significant higher titers of the autoantibodies to MBP as compared with the mild clinical course.

The results obtained evidence for the possible immunocorrective effect of enriched fractions of the newborn rat's nervous cells on EAE, and for immunosuppressive effect of the neuronal fraction of NT on the immunopathological processes in EAE.