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Alert on Internet Health Claims

March 26, 2002
Coventry Evening Telegraph

A WORLDWIDE co-ordinated internet search has uncovered a thousand potentially misleading health claims.

A team from Warwickshire Trading Standards was among those taking part in searches on UK websites and from around the globe.

Sites inspected were those giving information about weight loss, blood pressure and arthritis. Many advertised pills and potions to cure or help the ailments.

One site offered a device to obliterate all viruses in the body, including Aids, hepatitis, cancer, meningitis and flu while another offered a tablet to be taken with alcohol to prevent a beer belly.

Trading standards director Noel Hunter said: "The internet has become a powerful advertising tool that reaches in to people's homes. Many of the misleading health claims this sweep has uncovered, are targeted at some of the most vulnerable members of thecommunity.

"I hope the information we supplied will reduce the number of websites of this kind."

Anyone considering buying health products on-line are warned to be cautious of testimonials claiming amazing results and advertisers using phrases such as "scientific breakthrough", "miraculous cure", "exclusive product" and "secret ingredient".

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