More MS news articles for April 2001

Slifka Study Recruiting Newly Diagnosed People With MS

April 11, 2001

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The National Multiple Sclerosis Society is conducting a long-term study of almost 2,000 people with MS across the country, gathering information about various aspects of MS.  It is called the Sonya Slifka Longitudinal Multiple Sclerosis Study and is named for a family member of a very generous donor who is helping to support the project. The results of the study will increase our knowledge of MS and help MS researchers develop more effective ways to treat this disease.

We are now seeking individuals who have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis for less than 12 months to participate in the Slifka Study.

If you have been diagnosed with MS for less than 12 months, we would like to invite you to participate in this study. Participating in the Slifka Study involves completing a 60-minute telephone interview at the beginning of the study and a 15-20 minute telephone interview every 6 months after that. With your permission, we will also request health information from your physician. Lastly, some participants may also be asked to provide a small blood specimen annually for future genetic and immunologic analysis. Participation is, of course, voluntary and all information collected will be strictly confidential.

This is a very important study, and there has been nothing like it in the history of MS research. It will help us understand the impact of MS on patients and their families, how to manage it more effectively, and how to advocate for better access to health care.  Please join us in this exciting, new endeavor!

If you have been diagnosed with MS for less than 12 months and are interested in participating or would like to learn more, please contact the Slifka MS Study, toll-free at 1-877-848-4958.

We will tell you more about the study and determine whether you are eligible to participate.