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Montel's Estranged Wife: Our Love Will Survive a Divorce


Grace and Montel Williams are still in love, she says, even though they may be headed for divorce court. Grace caused a stir this week when she removed his clothes from their $10 million home.

- NYP: J. Weisbord

Television talker Montel Williams and his wife Grace will always love each other - even AFTER the divorce, gossip maven Cindy Adams says in today's New York Post.

"Montel and I have talked to psychics," Grace Williams told Adams. "They say the two of us have been together in every life we had before this one. Between us, we've had 60 lives and in each we've been together. I love him, he loves me and somehow, some way, we'll always be there for each other.

"He's a wonderful man," Grace Williams said of the spouse she recently tossed from her $10 million Connecticut home. "I wish I could say he's a creep, but I can't. He's the love of my life. I love him to death."

But events conspired to come between them, she told Adams, and Montel spent more time dealing with other people's problems than with his own.

"We've had lots of pressure to deal with. Sexual-harassment suit, his illness (multiple sclerosis), and with each new pain we tried to be there for one another," she said.

"But he's a busy man with a busy schedule and what he does for a living preoccupies him with other people's problems. He doesn't stop and deal with his own. It's always to the other guy who's in trouble, 'Hey, let me help you out,' but he doesn't take time to help himself out.

"Two years ago little pieces of things were not going well. I tried to go away privately for a weekend to talk but somehow we could never manage to put away enough space for just us.

"We always put other people's stuff ahead of ours, so ours built. Things piled up. They didn't get handled. And, suddenly, you look back and say, 'What's happened to us?'

"Another thing, the reports have their facts wrong ... They say we've been separated since November. If we were separated, which we weren't, why would I have put his clothes out? I didn't know anything about any separation.

"They say I actually threw his things out the window. No. I put his stuff out neatly. Covered with plastic so it was protected until it was collected. And I did that because it was my birthday and I wouldn't be home and didn't want him to have to go through a whole lot of stuff by himself.

"No tantrum, no confrontation."

Grace reportedly evicted Montel because he was unfaithful. And her strong feelings for him are not going to make her change her mind about a divorce, she told Adams.

"Montel said, 'Divorce for us just means a piece of paper. Doesn't mean we don't still love each other,' " Grace Williams said."He's everything to me. My best friend. But right now I don't want to put pressure on him and he doesn't put pressure on me. Only time can tell. We both need time.

"We've both said maybe we should go our own ways. That's why I went back to my acting career. If we go our own ways we'll be the only couple besides Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton who divorced to spend their lives together. Maybe we need that so we can grow old with one another."