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Talk show host Montel Williams, wife to divorce

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Montel Williams and his actress wife Grace have agreed to a divorce after seven years of marriage and two children, the television talk-show host said Monday.

"After going in separate directions for quite some time, Grace and I have decided to end our seven-year marriage," Williams said in a statement.

The host of syndicated "The Montel Williams Show," which is in its eighth season, said he and his wife agreed to a divorce last November and had since been "working out the details" of a separation and the custody of their two children.

The former motivational speaker and U.S. Navy veteran, whose Web site announces that an upcoming topic on his show will be "It's Over ... Give Back My Stuff," said in the statement that he was announcing the divorce because of several media inquiries.

"While certain members of the press will no doubt exploit and misrepresent this very personal information for profit, I hope at least the respectable press will honor our privacy," Williams said.

The talk-show host, who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1999, added that the disease was not the cause of his marital woes.

"(Grace Williams) has been very supportive concerning my medical condition," he said. "Yet it has been the challenges we've had as a married couple which have led to this recent decision."