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Gutsy Montel: I'm beating my MS -- on a snowboard!

'My doctors are shocked!'

MONTEL Williams refuses to go downhill with multiple sclerosis -- he says he's triumphing over the ailment with help from his snowboard!

And the courageous talk show host gave ENQUIRER readers an exclusive look at his personal battle to overcome the crippling disease . . . while having a ball.

"Some doctors make it into a death sentence," said a determined Montel, 43, who titled his inspirational book "Mountain, Get Out Of My Way."

"When I was diagnosed a year ago, doctors told me I had to cut back on working out and take it easy, and I bought into that crap for about a month. Then I realized that advice was what was going to kill me!" the tough ex-Navy SEAL told us in an exclusive interview.

"The only way to beat this is to truly believe I can, and live the way I want to live. I can sit back and say, 'Oh woe is me, I am ill,' or I can do the things that will put a big smile on my face."

Montel was smiling from ear to ear when The ENQUIRER joined him at Park City Resort, Utah, for some thrilling runs down a snowy slope.

"I love it," he beamed. "There's no feeling like it. And it's helping me to beat MS."

Because of his illness, the devoted dad could not play basketball or soccer with his son, Montel II, 6 -- since high-energy sports can cause him to lose coordination.

But when little Montel saw snowboarders on TV and wanted to try it, dad got right into the drift of things.

Montel is a roller-coaster fanatic.

Montel says it helps him battle the disease -- strengthening his muscles and keeping his reflexes sharp.

"The way I am affected by MS, I have a numbness in my feet, toes, shins and ankles. But once I get on a snowboard and start riding it, I walk better for five or six days!

"Doctors tell me they are shocked. They say I should not be able to do it -- but here I am!"

Montel is also lifting weights, taking huge numbers of vitamins, undergoing hormone replacement therapy and changing his diet in his mission to beat MS.

He firmly believes scientists will have the disease licked within five years and confidently declares: "I guarantee it -- I am going to beat MS!"


To help others, the generous star has opened the Montel Williams MS Research Fund. Contributions can be sent to: Montel Williams MS Research, c/o The Foundation for Neurologic Disease, 10 State Street, Newburyport, Mass. 01950.