Multiple Sclerosis News for April 1999

30th April 1999     Y2K computer bug will cause patient care problems

30th April 1999     Jimmie Heuga Program for People With MS Offered in Philadelphia

29th April 1999     Handicap access needed in the air

29th April 1999     High Court Focuses On 3 Disability Cases

27th April 1999     Transplanted neurons migrate in brain

27th April 1999     Article:Supreme Ct.,ADA

25th April 1999     Rock 'n Roll for MS Research

24th April 1999     California police forced to return marijuana

23rd April 1999     Article: PWMS, TV News

23rd April 1999     MRI Technology Advancements Assist Doctors In Predicting Progression of MS

23rd April 1999     'Microbubbles' may help treat spinal cord injury

22nd April 1999     Research: Novantrone

22nd April 1999     Research: Brain Atrophy

22nd April 1999     Mother's Cells May Cause Autoimmune Disease

22nd April 1999     Article:Excersize from your chair

22nd April 1999     Article:Will the medicine run out? (y2k)

20th April 1999      MS sufferer's 30-hour marathon

20th April 1999      UK/Helpline/Rationing Beta/Yachts

20th April 1999      More on Zoe's Marathon

20th April 1999      Research: Microbial Sequences

20th April 1999      Blaming aspartame misses the point

18th April 1999      Writing: Medicine for Chronic Conditions

18th April 1999      Man who suffers from multiple sclerosis pursuing black belt

17th April 1999      Review: Freak City

17th April 1999      Kosan Receives NIH Grant to Design Novel Neuroregenerative Agents

17th April 1999      Christopher Reeve Foundation merges

17th April 1999      NIH budget increase in question

17th April 1999      Healthcare industry getting sicker

15th April 1999      Article: Kevorkian and families

13th April 1999      Music and courage

12th April 1999      U.S. Puts Off Collecting Medical Data

3rd April 1999       Prosecutors probing MS foundation execs

3rd April 1999       Cut Nerve Fibers Are Repaired

1st April 1999        A Look Back-Healthcare