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MS Links: Neurology
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Internet Neuroscience Resources (2000) 
Medium sized collection of neuroscience links but rather modestly commented.
Neuroscience for Kids (2000) 
Don't be put off by the "for kids" bit. This is a wonderful neuroscience introductory site. As well as learning resources it's got links, neuroscience news and much, much more. Recommended.
Brain Function Cerebellum and Brain Stem (1999) 
Not that much to this page - just a table and some graphics describing the regions of the cerebellum, the brainstem and the cranial nerves that arise from these regions. On the other hand, these are favorite target sites for MS and I use this page all the time.
The Whole Brain Atlas (1999) 
Lots of sections and navigational gizmos. Takes a lot of getting used to but there is some facinating stuff here once you get the hang of it. All in pictures - what would you expect from an atlas? A time lapse sequence of MRI scans of the brain of someone with MS - you see the lesions come and to a lesser extent go. You can even select which slice you want to see and play at being a radiographer.
Neuroanatomy & Neuropathology on the Internet (2000) 
The most enormous number of neuroscience links imaginable. They are well categorised but sadly uncommented. This is a rich resource for learning about most aspects of the central nervous system. If the links were commented and searchable then I'd give this site 5 stars.
Digital Anatomist Interactive Atlases (2000) 
A collection of 4 neurological atlases which are all good.
Medscape Neurology Home Page (2000) 
Medscape is an internet resource used by a lot of doctors which reviews articles and keeps you up to date with the latest research. You have to register but it is free and they send you a monthly update. This is Medscape's neurology page.
Neurologic Examination (2000) 
This site tells you everything you need to know about neurological examinations. A very good resource - read it before you go to get checked up by your neurologist and you'll know exactly what he/she is up to.
Neurol.Net Neurology Web Site (2000) 
This one's really just an advert for the Olde Severna Park Medical Specialists near Baltimore but there are one or two interesting things at this site.
UCSD NeuroWeb (No date given) 
This is UCSD Neuroradiology Teaching File Database. Great for seeing what is normal and what is not and it's choc-a-bloc with teaching articles about neuroanatomy and pathology. You need to gen up a bit on neuro-speak to understand it all, but it's worth it.
NeuroNames Brain Hierarchy (1998) 
This is a great long list of all the areas of the brain organised hierachically. A bit daunting and very technical - not for the casual browser.

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