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MS Links: Research and Trials

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General Research Projects and News:

The Myelin Project
    The web site of an organisation determined to accelerate research into repairing the myelin damage done in MS, leukodystrophies and other demyelinating diseases. The site has some very good information about its funded projects and other research news. (multiple sclerosis)
    The US National Institute of Health's list of currently recruiting MS clinical trials together with contact details for the specific trial centres. is the main page of this site.
MSAdvances - Advances in Multiple Sclerosis
    Resource designed to bring people up to date with information on the management and treatment of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) through the use of intravenous immune globulin (IVIG).
MS research: menu
    Information on MS research projects being carried out at the Department of Neurology, Baylor College of Medicine. (not the same as
    Pharmaceutical Research Plus Inc's site tries to match up patients with clinical trials. This site is commercially funded.
MS First - Multiple Sclerosis Research facility
Multiple Sclerosis National Research Institute
CenterWatch Clinical Trials Listing - Patient Resources Main Page
MS Research Page
Current Clinical Trials in MS
MS Pathfinder - Research
Organized Clinical and Research Centers  
Acorda Therapeutics (research on 4-AP, M1, stem cells etc.)
Medscape Resource Center - Multiple Sclerosis
Today on Medscape
NIAID, National Institutes of Health
Newswise - Medical, Scientific, Business and Life News

Overview of Drug Treatments for MS: Drug treatment of multiple sclerosis

Nutritional Factors and Multiple Sclerosis

Genetics: | Genetics of Multiple Sclerosis

Beta Interferons:
Rebif Effective In Treating Secondary Progressive MS
eBMJ - Population based cost utility study of interferon beta-1b

FDA Grants Priority Review To Novantrone For MS

T Cell Vaccination:
MS research: T Cell Vaccination in MS

Influence of Viral Infection on the Etiology and Pathogenesis of MS

Common Bacterium Linked To Multiple Sclerosis
Forbes (11-15-99) Do Germs Cause Cancer?
VUMC Reporter on Chlamydia Pneumonia
VUMC Reporter - More on Chlamydia pneumoniae
Chlamydia Bacterium Linked to Multiple Sclerosis
Pneumonia Organism May Play Role in MS Development

Research Organisations:
Rocky Mountain Multiple Sclerosis Center

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