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MS Links: MS Glossaries
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ThJuland's Glen Multiple Sclerosis Glossary (2000) 
Huge glossary - more like an encyclopedia with very detailed explanations of all the terms. Very coherently linked both internally and externally. As usual an excellent contribution by Tom Copeland.
The DRM WebWatcher: Multiple Sclerosis (MS) (2000) 
Not really a glossary - more a links page to disabled resources arranged as a glossary but very good anyway.
Multiple Sclerosis Only's Glossary (2000) 
Large glossary with reasonably detailed explanations. Some of the text is identical to other MS glossaries - it rather looks like this is an amalgamation job. No internal cross-links.
Linda Anchell's Glossary (2000) 
A different set of terms than is usual for MS Glossaries and explained in more scientific terms. No internal cross-links.
Serono Canada : Multiple Sclerosis Glossary: English (1995) 
Rather short glossary but with reasonable explanations. No internal cross-links.
NIH: Multiple Sclerosis: Hope Through Research - Glossary (2000) 
Rather short glossary with short explanations. No internal cross-links.

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