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MS Links: Forums and Chat Pages
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MS is often an isolating disease. Many people with MS find enormous solace from these forums and often make very good friends there. People even find partners. There is nothing quite like meeting other people with MS. We have a massive common bond of understanding. We have all confronted the fears and difficulties that the disease and its diagnosis presents.

There are quite a number of forums and chat pages that concentrate on supporting people with MS. The problem comes in deciding which one(s) to set up in. They all have a different feel and emphasis. The popular ones have more people, more posts and a greater range of experience but the smaller ones often have a greater "family" appeal. My advice is to read a few posts before deciding which to make your "home".

This is a popular USENET newsgroup that focuses on supporting people with MS. A Flame wars break out every so often but overall it's a supportive place to hang out. People are very willing to help out with questions and concerns. Often abbreviated to ASMS. No registration needed. The group has an English and Spanish FAQ and an index of other information.
Harvard Brain Talk - Multiple Sclerosis forum
This is a popular moderated, web page based forum. Rather less infighting than on ASMS but overall a similar scope. Registration is only required for posting and is free.
Forums of the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation
The Multiple Sclerosis Foundation Forums offer an opportunity to address your MS-related questions in different ways, through the Ask the Doctor where fully qualified medical professionals will answer your questions, MSFriends where you can talk to other people with MS and MSFrontiers Travel where you can discuss issues surrounding travelling with MS.
MedSupport FSF International Forum/Chat
A offshoot of MedSupport Friends Supporting Friends International, this web page based, Delphi hosted, moderated forum provides a supportive, stress-free and flame-free online environment where you can discuss all manner of MS related issues. Registration is required but is free.
Jooly's Joint - people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) supporting each other
A wide range of forums and chat pages here. Jooly has put a lot of work into her MS WebPals project and has won numerous accolades as a result.
MSers United
Principally an email based support group with some online browsing of messages. Founder Jayne Alder posts MS news articles on a very regular basis.
Another USENET newsgroup which focuses on people with MS in the UK. A few people from elsewhere visit but has far fewer posts than the above forums. No registration.
MS Central Support
A offshoot of Multiple Sclerosis Central, this is another Delphi hosted, web page based, moderated forum which also offers chatrooms. Registration is free.
Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Chat Rooms, Forums and eMail Discussion Lists
James Huggins' list of links to forums and chat pages.
MS-LIST used to be cross-linked to but has since lost that ability due to lack of funding/technical support. It still limps on through the valiant efforts of its dedicated support team.
Google Groups
Google bought Deja News in Febuary 2001 and it took them a while to get it up and running but it now appears to be fully functional. Google Groups allows both posting and searching of the entire of USENET going back to the year dot via a web browser. Google Groups hosts a number of USENET groups such as and

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