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RemedyFind: Multiple Sclerosis
Rebif (beta interferon 1a)
Avonex (beta interferon 1a)
Betaseron (beta interferon 1b) (glatiramer acetate/cop-1)
Acorda Therapeutics (4-AP/M1/L1) 
Immunex - (mitoxantrone) 
Ilex - Campath-1H (alemtuzumab) 
BioMS - MBP8298 
Biogen - Antegren (natalizumab) 
Elan - Antegren (natalizumab) 
Active Biotech - SAIK-MS (ABR-215062) 
Pharma Licensing - SAIK-MS (ABR-215062) 
Pharmaceutical Manufacturer's Drug Assistance Programs Marihuana-the Forbidden Medicine
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