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MS Links: Medical Databases, Dictionaries

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On-line Medical Dictionary 
CancerWEB's On-line Medical Dictionary is a great resource for simple medical term/condition look-ups and is not restricted to cancer at all. Some terms are not in the dictionary but it is pretty good for all that. This is the medical dictionary that I use.
Online scientific and medical dictionaries 
Pick you own favorite Medical dictionary from Mark Brownlow's huge list of links - some good, some ok, some with searches, some without and some not available.
Not as many dictionaries as above but it does have one or two different ones and also a link to Mark Brownlow's page.
Directory of 840 online Medical/Health Glossaries 
A huge directory (840 to be precise) of medical dictionaries in different languages with specific categories including a multiple sclerosis section.
MEDLINEplus: Drug Information 
The usual very high quality information from the NIH - shame it's not searchable - just a long list otherwise it'd be worth 5 stars.
RxList - The Internet Drug Index 
Part of Health Central's online pharmacy. An extensive range of drugs with monographs on each one plus patient information. A "fuzzy" search engine means that you never get back just one drug which is great if you're not entirely sure of the spelling but slightly irritating if you are. There's a lot of great stuff here but it's tricky to get at it.
Yahoo! Health 
Another large database of drugs with full searching facilities. Easier to use than RxList but the information on each drug, while extensive, is not as comprehensive.
WebMD: Drugs and Supplements 
Very similar quality of information as Yahoo's offering above.

Med Help International - Medical Glossary (1999) 
A general medical glossary - rather terse explanations but a large number of definitions. Internal cross-links. Not MS specific.

University of Cambridge Dictionary of Epidemiology (1999) 
More a glossary than a dictionary. Very good if terse explanations. Good internal cross-links. Not MS specific.

English dictionary of medical terms (1995) 
General dictionary of medical terms endorsed by the EU (Is that a recommendation?). A large number of terms also available in 9 EU languages. Searchable. No internal cross-links. Not MS specific.

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