Oh Happy Me

© 2011, Talya StoneThis is just a quick note to share my happy news.

My gorgeous, beautiful, intelligent, talented, lovely girlfriend asked me to marry her on Sunday. Of course I said Yes.

I’ll post something more relevant to MS soon but I can’t keep myself from sharing this with the whole wide world.

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9 comments on “Oh Happy Me

  1. gossamerheart.com on said:

    Congratulations! May your love story be unending!

  2. My sincerest congratulations old friend. I love happy news.

  3. Lynne Davis on said:

    I am sooo happy for you, Paul!!!! Hugs and kisses of joy to you both!!

  4. Michael Muirhead on said:

    Congratulations and all my best possible wishes to you both.

    This *is* good news! :-)

  5. Congratulations, what a special joy for you both :) hugggs

  6. congratulations from Poland :) )))

    P.S. I’m new here but I may stay for a while since I find this place really nice and comforting ;)

  7. Great news, Paul, congratulations. And great to see your name again on this blog.

  8. Jill Marquard on said:

    Nice blog. I was diagnosed in 1988 and am doing really well, I believe thanks to Betaseron, healthy eating, and my habit of swimming laps six times a week. Swimming is such good exercise for MS patients as well as others. It’s low impact, aerobic, and increases range of motion. I find it invaluable! All the best to you.

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