If Dreaming Were An Olympic Sport

Everything you can imagine is real.
- Pablo Picasso

Last night and the night before I had vivid dreams in which I was running.

It was lovely. It felt so easy and natural.

In the first dream I was surprised – I knew that MS hadn’t let me do this for years. I haven’t even had any remission of any symptoms since well before 2007 and here I was running.

And it’s easy to run. You just tilt your body in the direction of travel and move one leg forward to stop yourself falling, followed by the other leg, then the first and so on.

Bizarrely, my mother was in the building I was running into. I went to find her to tell her the good news. There’s surely a couple of dissertations there for the Freudians.

In my next dream, I remembered the first one and that it had turned out to be just a dream. Here I was running to get into a utility vehicle that I had hired. “So I can actually run after all,” I thought to myself.

There was a stow-away under a tarpaulin in the back of the van. I told him I was going to Crouch End but he was welcome to stay in the back if he wanted. He told me that it was illegal to carry someone in this way so I told him I hadn’t seen him. I got in the van and started to drive away whereupon I awoke.

What does all this mean? Who knows? At least there’s a bunch of neurons somewhere in my head that have remembered how to run. Maybe? … no, I can’t think like that.

But a happy pair of dreams anyway and I hope all of our good dreams come true.

So, happy Solstice, Chanukah, Christmas, Alban Arthan, Tamil Hanumat Jayanthi, Amaterasu, Maidyarem Deygān, Dōngzhì, Hogmanay, Junkanoo, Sanghamitta or whatever festival is appropriate in the belief system to which you cleave.

Peace and goodwill to all humankind.

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3 comments on “If Dreaming Were An Olympic Sport

  1. Jan Pruchnicki on said:

    I’ve had the running dreams, too. There is probably an equal mix of remembrance and longing lodged in the subconscious and it manifests itself with these dreams. You are correct: They are lovely and the effort to run in them is so easy and natural. Then you wake up and reality hits you like a hammer. Maybe these dreams are a defense mechanism the mind uses to relieve the mental stress that comes with dealing with our daily reality. A special kind of escapism neurons, perhaps?

  2. I haven’t been able to actually run for something like 20 years although I was walking fairly well up until about 5 years ago.

    I do dream of running though. That’s a good thing. Many of those dreams I’m running in Vietnam, 40 some odd years ago. That’s a bad thing.

    Occasionally I dream of rodeo events although I haven’t done that for 30 years. I also dream of dancing sometimes. Nothing like a little Texas Two-Step to make you wake up with a smile on your face.

  3. Marilyn on said:

    Ah, yes. I used to dream I was running — usually in high heels. I would just kind of float over the landscape. :-)

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