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About This Site

The Multiple Sclerosis Information Trust

All About Multiple Sclerosis has grown into an enormous site and present and future projects will make it even larger. It has become more than a full-time job for one person. The costs of running it - web hosting, domain name costs, online time, other ISP charges and other costs grow continually.

So far, I have funded the site entirely out of my own pocket, both in terms of these charges and my time. Because my own personal funds are becoming exhausted, I can no longer work full-time on the site without external funding.

As a result we are forming a charitable organisation called the Multiple Sclerosis Information Trust the purpose of which is to raise funds to keep this project going. I have written a "manifesto" for this organisation which I have put up on the site.

I would like to emphasise that I do not envision this change of status to affect the site in any way at all. I am committed to delivering free, independent, up-to-date and accurate information about multiple sclerosis in a concise and readable form.

Click this link to read the Multiple Sclerosis Information Trust document.

I would appreciate any input, good and bad, on this document or on how we might raise funds. Please email me your thoughts at I cannot answer personal health queries - you should discuss these with your GP or neurologist.

Happy Birthday

All About Multiple Sclerosis is now entering it's third year. Formed in late November 1999 under the name "Laetoli Man's Multiple Sclerosis Pages, it has undergone several changes and a huge expansion. It's become my full-time job.
I would particularly like to thank the following people for their input into "All About Multiple Sclerosis".

Caroline Stone for organising the formation the charity and for a steady stream of ideas and constructive criticism. Her constant and unwavering support has been invaluable.

Frank Dubois for collecting much of the news.

Ed Hill, Jayne Alder, Judith Cooper, Joan and Jim Carter, Julie Danelski, Virginia Sanchez, Ira Lipsky, Cindy O'Connor, Marsha Delaney Metcalfe, Ronda Chatley, Gael Finch, JoAnn Layton, Steve Nelson, Sylvie Brown, Kelli Davis, Andy Budge, Rachelle Ryba, Carmel Pacey Digby, Deborah McGee, Robin Seer, Kimberlee Jones, Atheana, James Cavet, Kim Robinson and Karen Magill for their wonderful contributions.

All the good people of for their support and encouragement.

Thanks also for all your wonderful guestbook entries and email - these words of praise and encouragment have make this whole venture possible.

And last but not least I would like to thank everyone who has visted the site whether or not you choose to make yourself known to me. This site is for you and you alone.

The Redesign
I would like to thank all those who answered the poll on the design. I appreciate that some of you found certain features hard to use but the current design seems to accomodate the majority of views expressed. Rest assured that I will continue to seek ways of improving the look and feel so that the site does not grow stale and remains accessable to its users.

In particular, I remain committed to a simple interface with no banner adverts, flashing widgets and gizmos and clashing colours. In the future, it may be necessary to carry logos from sponsors but I shall insist that these do not clash with the essential simplicity of the site.

Font Size
For those that have have problems reading the current font, there are browser options in both Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator to enlarge it.

In Internet Explorer, go to the menu bar just above this page, select "View", "Text Size" and choose "Largest". This will increase the font size.

In Netscape Navigator 4, go to the menu bar, select "View" then "Increase Font" which will increase the font size. You can do this repeatedly to get an enormous font if you so choose. Pressing the "Ctrl" key and the "]" at the same time will achieve the same result.

Netscape has the ability to give you much larger fonts than Internet Explorer.

I am looking for ways to automate text enlargement via a button on the site.

The Java Frames
The java frames have not proved to be very popular. The intention was to make site navigation simpler but I realise that most people do not have enough screen space to make use of these.

I'd like to thank The Java Hermit for this TreeNav Java Applet - you might like to pay him a visit at - he's got a lot of useful widgets there.

Contact Me
You can mail me at, my mailbox gets very full and my workload spirals out of control so I cannot guarantee a swift reply, but I love getting your mails. I cannot answer personal health queries - you should discuss these with your GP or neurologist.
Paul Jones
3rd December, 2001