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What life forges out determines how we will spend time - eternity.
We inherit it from our ancestors only to borrow it from our children.

What is Time?
For some it's here today and gone tomorrow.
Others get to ponder time a little longer.
Most don't know what they have.
Some find out the truth - all we have is time... Fleeting at best.
Even when it's drawn out it's a mere blink compared to eternity.

What is Time?
If not a place then a memory, a thought that never completes a circle.
Nothing has been done that has never been done before.
Not thought so foreign that has never been thought before.
All is, was, and should be as it is destined to be.

So what does the future hold? God knows - but he won't tell.
But we know for certain -

Time will.

© December 1997 Deborah Magee