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Ocean-side memories

I watch the waves a crest of white,
they leave upon the shore,
and always another that follows the other,
and follows the one before.

So exhilaratin the sound,
of the waves softly breaking
up on the shore,
a sound you'll remember forever more.

Graceful are the gulls as they soar overhead,
so cool and fresh is the smell of the air filled with salt,
as you walk up the beach the waves make you halt.

Here in the breeze a peace exists,
that any heart would please.
And the shells hold a special kind of beauty here on the beach,
brought forth by the waves that now cannot reach.

It's a wonderful feeling to be here alone.
With the waves and sand
you almost can feel the touch of Gods hand.

Always I''ll love the waves and sand by the sea
and the wonderful peace God has made known to me.

© July 1987, Deborah Magee