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by Marsha Delaney Metcalfe

This MS is no longer a piece of cake.

No longer permits me to waddle through getting a bachelorís degree.

No longer accepts Canadian crutches as a necessary means to attaning a Masterís Degree in English.

No longer lets me spin around on a miniscule scooter, flinging doors open and giving pennies to poor souls who desperately try to open an opened door.

Does not allow me to rule my little life from a more restrictive four wheel scooter.

Does not permit independent transfers.

Has long since taken way a 50-wpm typing speed.

Absolutely forbids more than a scratched ďmarkĒ.

Keeps me most of the time in this bed.

I donít like this MS.

© Marsha Delaney Metcalfe, 2001