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Multiple Sclerosis - A Personal Account
This site has been put together by an individual who has been diagnosed with MS for over 10 years, and is a collection of the information he put together while trying to gain an understanding of this condition.
A Non-Profit Web Site - Dedicated to the Support and Healing of the Wounded Soul
All of a Piece:† A Life with Multiple Sclerosis
This site contains much of Barbara Webster's book online. I found this book extremely helpful in coming to terms with my diagnosis. I really can't recommend this site highly enough. It's her site so don't worry about copyright.
ThJuland's MSers' Glen Site Index - Multiple Sclerosis
This is the best source of medical, research and other info on MS on the web bar none (including professional sites). I aspire to developing a site that is as complete and authoritative as this one. What Tom has produced here is a colossus. If there's anything you want to know about the medical aspects of this disease, then this should be your starting point.
MS crossroads
Aapo Halko's very comprehensive site. It has commented and categorised links to just about every aspect of MS including medical research, support, symptoms and their treatments, independent living, tips and tricks and lots more besides. One of the best MS web portals around.
Insomniaville: All The Stuff That Keeps Me Up At Night
Dispatches from the most examined brain in Virginia. Nicole Willson's rant site, rich with acerbic wit and an extremely glowing reference to my site. Reading stuff on the web has never been such fun before. Nicole has recently added a page describing her own experiences of MS with links to relevant sections in her daily journal - it rings a big bell for those of us who are also on this difficult road. This one comes highly recommended.
Multiple Sclerosis Sucks
This is a fun site about MS which I happened upon recently. The sub-title is "How to Suffer From a Chronic and Incurable Disease Without Appearing to be a Total Loser" which gives a good feel for the site's content. It's got a number of entertaining essays on various aspects of MS and is an entertaining and refreshing read.
Jooly's Joint - people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) supporting each other
The number one site for getting in touch with other PwMS. A number of forums and pen pal schemes and an awful lot else as well. Highly recommended.
Beejet's Home Site for People with Multiple Sclerosis
Don's comprehensive and positive site aimed at people with progressive MS. It has articles that describe these forms of MS, accessibilty equipment, treatment experiences, a large number of links to other sites and dedicated chatrooms and forums. One of the best resources on progressive MS on the web.
Andy Barnes
A great deal of comprehensive, quality information on MS. Practical help especially if you're British - social security benefits etc. The Megalinks section must be the only MS pages with more links than this one. Select the nosebleed option and you will get exploding fireworks and zazzy reflections.
JD's site has lots of diverse, quality information about MS ranging from diet to more orthodox medical research. He's recently undergone a stem cell transplant and you can read about his experience of it. You can also read about his personal story with MS.
Jen's MS page
Nice site for the newly diagnosed with lots of info and a guide for coming to terms with the disease. A moving testimony by Jen's partner.
Beginner's guide to multiple sclerosis
A very professionally presented bilingual award winning site that deals with many aspects of the disease. A large, well designed site with straight-forward navigation. Recommended.
Multiple Sclerosis Information and Links
Terry Smith's site features her own story, a well-written description of what MS is, book reviews and her own art work. A nice well-designed site with an easy to use interface.
Claude the Cartoon Pooch with Multiple Sclerosis
John Mythen's great cartoons of Claude the cartoon pooch with MS. The lighter side of MS. John Mythen's personal story as well. Other great MS info as well. A super site.
Tick's Place
Tick's Texas cowboy pages. Tick is a veteran who hasn't let this shitty disease get the better of his love of life nor his sense of humour. Page 2 of his site concentrates on MS with a well-written piece about the disease that many of us will relate to.
Linda Anchell's homepage
A quality site with interesting bits hiding in all the corners. Lots of intelligent and thought provoking commentary of the medical and research side of the disease. Highly recommended.

Marlii's Maelstrom
Upbeat and colourful site with lots of fun graphics and even links to graphics libraries to help you brighten up your own site. You are greeted with a poll on what you feel about various aspects of MS. Another MSer who is into Scuba Diving - I'm going to give it a try as well!

Om Multipel Skleros
One of the best looking MS sites on the web (good looking girl too!). Kristas Page is one of the most popular MS sites in Sweden - if only I could understand what it says.
Ginny's Place
Some of the best poetry and prose to be found on MS that I've come across including the famous "Who are the people with Multiple Sclerosis?". This site now has a new, wonderful, flower-power design.
The MS MounTain
Tee and Michael's very professional and rich web site - the only place I've seen a history of MS.
LRM'S PLACE: Disability, Health Care, Advocacy...and More
Laura Mitchell is a respected voice in the MS world. This is her homepage with her who's who entry. The site leans towards the more political side.
FireLady's Home Page - Dedicated to MS
A huge site with some great MS research and medical information including a large glossary of MS terminology. A great deal of non-MS related subject matter as well.
Lavonne Murphy's Flight of Fancy
Lavonne is the de facto oracle of ASMS. A wealth of personal, practical and inspiration stuff.
Crutch's Corner on Multiple Sclerosis
Canadian and proud of it. Walt's site has a lot of links, a slant on alternative therapies and an ICQ based forum together with a list of ICQ numbers of PwMS. Some Web utilities here as well.
MS Musings
This site is a collection of essays by people with MS put together in a monthly journal. All the past issues are in their archive. A little slow to load because it's built up from text within images and has java pop-ups but it's worth the wait. It's recently moved to, so you may need to refresh your bookmarks.
Happy life for MS people that want it
Enormous site about dealing with all sorts of aspects of the disease ranging from the philosophical, through the practical to the medical. Recently redesigned.
James S. Huggins' Multiple Sclerosis Pages
This is an enormous site. Lots and lots of links to other MS sites, stuff about Web authoring, computer technology, e-commerce and an awful lot more besides. This site has won an awful lot of awards. James doesn't have MS himself but had a couple of close relatives with the disease.
Wendy's Multiple Sclerosis Web site - Your Link to MS Resources on the Internet
Well presented site with that deals with coming to terms and living with MS very well. Lots more besides including book reviews and a forum.
MS Names & Places
Dixie's directory of ASMS people plus her own homepage. Dixie's another inspirational figure.
Carmel's Art Page
These pages have images of Carmel's excellent paintings - well worth a look!
Lisa's homepage. Lisa's SO looks uncannily like me - handsome devil!
Motomij's Page
Jim's the guy with the to-die-for sexy red motorbike....VROOM.
Betty's House . . . Life After MS
Betty's personal pages with emphasis on dealing with MS, exercise and healing. Betty's has written a book as well.
Noreen's Home on the Web
Noreen has been setting up MS support groups for a number of years. These are her homepages.
Skydivers for MS
Pretty much what it says - a parachute team jumping for charity. Other MS stuff here as well.
Multiple Sclerosis - This is my story
A very professional web site with personal story and info about MS.
Batik and Multiple sclerosis and internet guide
Bob Miller's site has a large number of links about a lot of subjects including MS.
Nansi's Nook
Nansi's personal account of her experiences with the disease.
Peg's Place
A very enjoyable homepage with a personal history, poetry and short stories.
Tim Potter's Homepage :: MS
Well told personal experience with MS plus info on Cari Loder, Hyperbaric Oxygen, Avonex, Copaxone and other treatments. It's all part of a large and fascinating site with 1001 links into a great variety of subjects. A great way to spend an hour or two.
Keith Snyder
The home of the Woolly Mammoth. This is a terrific site by an author/musician of some repute. Theres's a lot here including a very well written  story of Keith's diagnosis which illustrates just how dense and insensitive some doctors can be.
Upbeat site with a day in the life of, some health tips, choice quotes and MS links.
Coping With Multiple Sclerosis
Award winning site which concentrates on how to cope with having MS with lots of info on assistive devices, treatments and dealing with symptoms.
The Chronic Collector
This site aims to put a smile on your lips and refresh your spirit with a wealth of short stories, poetry and links from Barbara who is "mostly Irish".
Frankie Dickens.
Frankie is a Frank Sinatra sound alike and look alike who sings from his wheelchair raising money to eradicate MS. This is his homepage.
Life is a Chair Full of Bowlies!
Carolyn's upbeat and zany site with a trillion interesting side-niches. I really enjoyed this site. Well worth a visit.
I still need to comment these remaining links - it's a never ending job running a web site....
V. Jankowski Skrabut
Living with Multiple Sclerosis
Glenna's Natural Approach for Her MS
Communication in MS: From the Insiderís Perspective
John Ross's Web
Wm. C. Gowacki's Web site
~Life With MS~
Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Support - MSTALK
A Guide to Multiple Sclerosis
Facing Challenge Award Page
Poetry by Joanie about Multiple Sclerosis
RedLady's Home
People with MS home page
Welcome to Ken's Multiple Sclerosis Info Site
MS MY WAY..Explain some MS Symptoms to children and friends
MSers Online
Kelseecat's MS Page
Cathies MS pages
Tina's Multiple Sclerosis Page
Erase Multiple Sclerosis - Home
Teens With Multiple Sclerosis
Sylvie's MS page
Homepage von Gabi und Tom
Karan's Korner - a diligent search for MS cure.
MS, multiple sclerosis, flying blind
MS MAN are you one too? homepage